hp Laserjet IIIp

By | 1 Feb 2009

Endless feeding

If the printer starts feeding a blank page between 2 printed pages or is endlessly feeding blank pages instead of printing something, you might have the problems mentioned in this forum.

The printer has two coils in the paper cartridge which pull a metal sheet for recognizing the end of a sheet. There are rubber pads attached so that there are no *click* noises while printing. But this rubber gets soft and sticky when it’s old and thus the metal sheets stick to the coils and the printer “thinks” it is still feeding the page and feeds more waiting for the end of the page.

Solution: Remove the paper catridge, turn the printer upside down and remove the 4 thumb screws and the cartridge housing. On the top of the housing remove the 3 screws on the wider side and the plastic cap. Now you should see the two coils.

Now you have different options:

  • remove the rubber pads completely (don’t wonder about the clicking noise when printing!)
  • replace the rubber pads
  • my solution: Put cello tape on the sticky pads so that they don’t stick to the coils anymore

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