SSH key suddenly in “invalid format”

My private SSH key is ancient. And thus it still was in the “old” RSA format, recognisable by the header: This never was an issue. Everything works fine. Until now. While trying out GitFinder, it just didn’t want to accept my id_rsa file and always came back with “invalid format”. I’ve also made sure to… Read More »

Flaky WiFi dongle toggle script

After moving to a new place, I had to put my ADS-B handling Raspberry Pi 2B into a cupboard far from any network connection. So I’ve plugged in a cheap USB WiFi dongle and connected it to my WiFi. However, I don’t know whether it’s the dongle or something specific to the RasPi2’s USB implementation,… Read More »

Resetting your Sonicare toothbrush

In December 2011, I bought a Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9400 toothbrush set, product code HX9917/89. This included a HX992B handset – that offers Bluetooth connection to their app and also has a LED in the bottom to show when you’re applying too much pressure while brushing. The handset transfers your brushing info to their… Read More »