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All about interesting unintended “features”

Pimp my scope: Unlocking Software Features in a Tektronix TDS784D

A while ago I’ve acquired an old Tektronix TDS784D oscilloscope. Originally, it came with these enabled options: While this already is a lot, there’s still option 2C (Comm signal analyser) which is a pure-software option. (In later production runs, the device might also already contain the necessary hardware for the bigger memory option 2M. Check… Read More »

TV Hotel Mode

LG (If your remote doesn’t have a Settings button, try Menu or HOME.) Philips 26HFL5870D and similar (Only works if TV is in “Standard” security mode.)

Crypto-Virus decrypted

A friend received the following mail from (supposedly) FedEx International: The attached zip file contained a file 000794681.doc.js. Since .js is a known file type in Windows, it would show up as 000794681.doc and you’d think it’s a Word file. But clicking on it will run the JavaScript using the Windows Scripting Host. The entry… Read More »