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Tools I should use more often

I often come across useful little tools where I think, I should try them later. But this “later” never happens… This should become a place where I collect these tools with reasons why I should really try them. Cool tools I already use

JSON Mime-Types

For JSON data, there are different mime-types floating around the web: At there is a nice discussion which points out, why it is best to use text/x-json. The already wide-spread application/json is not really correct as application is meant for data which can only be read after being processed. But as JSON is clear-text,… Read More »

Compile wx.NET

Homepage: wx.NET is a wxWidgets-wrapper for Mono. The compilation is not really straight-forward as one is used to.

Develop iOS Apps

real Apps Pseudo-Apps Pseudo-Apps is what I call the apps which are actually a bunch of HTML pages with JavaScript and some JavaScript-API for accessing the iPhone internal features. These open in a WebKit-control so that they are basically some spiced up websites. Web-Apps

PEAR Channels

Some channels for PEAR. Use this to add them: Unsupported protocol If you get the following error message, you have to refresh the channels and The easiest solution was found in the last post of a thread in the PEAR Forum:


Firebug is a useful Firefox extension to debug JavaScript and more. To not raise error messages on browsers without Firebug, there’s a small script called firebugx.js, which creates emptyfunctions. Sascha Hameister has optimized this script a little bit and it now looks like this: You might also want to use Firebug Lite.

Mono + WinForms

Installation manual: mono-project.comForum: The System.Windows.Forms.dll is contained in the mono-winforms2.0-cil package. The file resides in /usr/lib/mono/2.0/. To make it show up in MonoDevelop, you might have to create a file /usr/lib/pkgconfig/windows-forms.pc with the following contents: Afterwards you can add this as a Reference to your project in MonoDevelop.

Bazaar (bzr)

Bazaar is a distributed versioning system. Homepage: Bazaar in five minutes, Bazaar User Guide Most used commands Create local branch Create local repo Copy remote repo This copies the branch to your local directory. The two repos are still independent. Convert to checkout Connects to that repository so commits are always made on both… Read More »


According to various documentation, the cookie domain has to contain at least 2 dots for a browser to accept this as a wildcard cookie (e.g. and use this for all sub-domains. So should work – should.Opera doesn’t like it and only accepts it domain-wide if there are exactly 2 dots in the domain… Read More »