AVM Fritz!Box 7270

By | 19 Dec 2009

Homepage: http://www.avm.de/de/Produkte/FRITZBox/FRITZ_Box_Fon_WLAN_7270/index.php

Fritz Fun

If you want to receive facsimilies (fax) via your Fritz!Box, you can do that via the internal fax receiver. If you want to send faxes from Ubuntu, you can install the ffgtk-package. The original homepage of the project is tabos.org. With it installed, you will get a new “Fax” printer to send faxes and it can also receive faxes directly to your PC.


You can set up your FB to accept VPN connections. As a client, you can use the free Shrew Soft VPN Client. How to set up the client is explained in the AVM VPN portal (see bottom right box).

Static DHCP

The FB only supports “static DHCP” in the way that you can mark devices so that they keep their currently (via DHCP) assigned IP address. You can not manually set the IP address you want.

So you could now go the easy way and enable Telnet access to the device and change the DHCP table directly. But this way you won’t get any support from AVM and also you will get a nasty warning message in the web interface.

Another way is to export the configuration and change the entries there. If you know how to update the checksum, you can use any text editor program. But if you just want to make a few changes without learning how to calculate the checksum, there’s a Java program called FBEditor.

Just download it, enter the IP and password of your FB and there you go. Any changes you make inside the program will automatically update the checksum so that the FB will accept your changes.

So now it’s easy to change the dhcpserverstatics section or the landeviceslandevices.

Generate static DHCP configuration from a file

If you have several devices in your home network and the FB keeps deleting them from their settings, you can create a file with all your devices and generate the appropiate FB settings from it.

So first, create a file static.list which looks like this (fill in the data of your own hosts):

00:21:85:C0:FF:EE   mypc  
00:16:D4:C0:FF:EE   wife-pc
00:18:39:C0:FF:EE   slug  
00:25:00:C0:FF:EE   iphone
00:1E:A9:C0:FF:EE   wii   
00:22:69:C0:FF:EE   netbook
00:C0:EB:C0:FF:EE   printsvr

Then you only need this little Python script (and Python, of course):

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

__author__ = "mbirth"
__date__   = "$2009-12-19 17:37:38$"

f = open( "static.list", "rt" )
entries = []
for line in f:
    line = line.strip(" \n")
    ( mac, sep, post ) = line.partition(' ')
    post = post.strip()
    ( host, sep, ip ) = post.partition(' ')
    ip = ip.strip()
    entries.append( ( mac, host, ip ) )

print( "%i hosts found." % len( entries ) )

statics = "        statics"
for entry in entries:
    statics += " {\n"
    statics += "                macaddr = " + entry[0] + ";\n"
    statics += "                ipaddr = " + entry[2] + ";\n"
    statics += "        }"

print( "#### dhcpserver > statics" )
print( statics )

landevs = "        landevices"
for entry in entries:
    landevs += " {\n"
    landevs += "                ip = " + entry[2] + ";\n"
    landevs += "                name = \"" + entry[1] + "\";\n"
    landevs += "                mac = " + entry[0] + ";\n"
    landevs += "                medium = medium_ethernet;\n"
    landevs += "        }"

print( "#### landevices > landevices" )
print( landevs )

Custom DNS

To use custom DNS entries instead of those given by your ISP, use the FBEditor and find the entries

overwrite_dns1 =;
overwrite_dns2 =;

Now just insert your desired DNS servers, upload the changed config and you should be set. (Info found on ip-phone-forum.de.)

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