Tools I should use more often

By | 8 Apr 2016

I often come across useful little tools where I think, I should try them later. But this “later” never happens…

This should become a place where I collect these tools with reasons why I should really try them.

  • Liquid Prompt — a useful adaptive prompt for Bash & zsh
  • Liquid Prompt for FiSh — Pull request for liquidprompt with support for FiSh
  • angel-PS1 — The Angel’s Prompt, inspired by liquidprompt, compatible with bash, zsh, mksh, dash, ksh93, tchs and fish
  • powerline-shell — a beautiful and useful prompt for your shell (bash, zsh, fish)
  • powerline — statusline plugin for vim, zsh, bash, tmux, IPython, Awesome, i3 and Qtile
  • — web service to easily share files from the CLI using curl
  • maybe — runs a command and shows what changes it would make to the filesystem while preventing those changes
  • betty — friendly English-like interface for your command line, e.g. betty find me all files that contain california
  • httpie — a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans, can pretty-print JSON answers from web services and much more
  • grc — generic colouriser, can colour output from various tools, like ping, netstat, ps, tail, etc.
  • brotli — compression format
  • Open Location Code — compact way of specifying coordinates, supported by Google Maps
  • The Fuck — if you had a typo in your command, just type fuck and it’ll do its best to come up with the correct command.
  • fu — a simple CLI utility for querying
  • bro — a simple CLI utility for querying
  • devtodo2 — command-line task management utility
  • Nerd Fonts — all-in-one fonts (containing Powerline, Font Awesome, etc.)

Cool tools I already use

  • aria2 — multi-protocol, cross-platform download tool
  • fish-shell — friendly interactive shell
  • glances — An eye on your system, htop+df+iotop+iftop and more
  • Guake — drop-down terminal for Gnome
  • Fira Code — development font with awesome ligatures for pretty code

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