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Jamba Downloads 🇩🇪

Vor etlicher Zeit hatte ich mal 100,- € Guthaben bei Jamba gewonnen. Beim Versuch, ein Programm auf mein Samsung Z300 zu laden (das Z300 gibt’s bei Jamba nur unter der T-Mobile-Bezeichnung ZM60), zeigte mir Jamba, dass mein Handy angeblich keine Software downloaden könne. Der kleinere Bruder, das Z500, hingegen unterstützt das merkwürdigerweise. Früher hatte es… Read More »

Siemens A55

A friend visited me bringing two A55 with SIMlock. Both were from the same provider and both didn’t accept the unlocking code from the provider for some reason. After trying the usual tools without luck, we used the testpoint method. Using very sharp tweezers, we scratched away the protective from the desired trace and cut… Read More »

Siemens M65

A M65 of my in-laws seemed broken so I took it home to play around with my DCA-510-cable. It showed firmware rev. 15 … the current one was rev. 58. I read somewhere that older firmware WILL produce problems so I was glad that it might be a software problem instead of a hardware one.… Read More »

Samsung SGH-Z300/ZM60

I got a Samsung ZM-60 from T-Mobile (incl. SIMlock). The first shock came after switching it on for the first time: Everything was in the T-Mobile magenta color. After some research, I found out, that it’s originally a SGH-Z300. Firmware flashing Instructions on how to flash a new firmware are on handy-faq.de. There also was… Read More »


Service mode Hold keys 1, 4 and 7 while turning on the phone. You will see the display test. Service menu Power-on the phone into service mode and type 76200 (4000er series) or 46395 (2000er and 3000er series) to get to the service menu. There you can… Read More »