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Multi USB Boot

Similar to booting different operating systems via network, you can also boot multiple systems from a USB flash drive. This is even a bit easier since you have a boot medium (the flash drive) and don’t have to jump through hoops to get a system to boot from the network. Initial Setup While you can… Read More »

memup Pop Key

Homepage: http://www.memup.com/ I just bought a 4GB Pop Key in a local supermarket. This device not only works as a simple flash disk but also brings a CD-ROM-Partition with a small security software with it. This just calls for modification… CD Partition After some searching, I found a posting on the usboffice.kr blog. Luckily, the… Read More »

Logitech V400

Enable all settings in SetPoint Install uberOptions to enable ALL settings in the Logitech SetPoint application. Remapping buttons in Linux You can use the following command to remap the buttons: The <device-id> is shown in the xinput list output as Logitech USB Receiver [XExtensionPointer] – you can use the name as a string or the… Read More »