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JSON Mime-Types

For JSON data, there are different mime-types floating around the web: At ruby-forum.com there is a nice discussion which points out, why it is best to use text/x-json. The already wide-spread application/json is not really correct as application is meant for data which can only be read after being processed. But as JSON is clear-text,… Read More »


Firebug is a useful Firefox extension to debug JavaScript and more. To not raise error messages on browsers without Firebug, there’s a small script called firebugx.js, which creates emptyfunctions. Sascha Hameister has optimized this script a little bit and it now looks like this: You might also want to use Firebug Lite.


According to various documentation, the cookie domain has to contain at least 2 dots for a browser to accept this as a wildcard cookie (e.g. .google.com) and use this for all sub-domains. So .foo.bar.com should work – should.Opera doesn’t like it and only accepts it domain-wide if there are exactly 2 dots in the domain… Read More »