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Using sudo umount you can unmount ANYTHING but need sudo access.


Using fusermount -u you can unmount all FUSE mounts.


Using pumount you can unmount all mounts below /media which don’t appear in /etc/fstab.

Shutdown/Reboot hangs

If there are mounted cifs shares, you might encounter a “CIFS VFS: no response for cmd 50…” on shutdown or reboot which may take about half a minute before the machine actually shuts down (or reboots). This is caused by the network being shut down before the shares were umounted.

The thing is, in Jaunty there already is a script to umount network shares before the network is shut down, but it has the wrong start-type of S = start. If you look at the script itself, you’ll find this:

case "$1" in
    # No-op
    echo "Error: argument '$1' not supported" >&2
    exit 3
    echo "Usage: umountnfs.sh [start|stop]" >&2
    exit 3

So if called with the argument start, it will do nothing. It has to be called with stop.

To fix this (in Jaunty):

  • go to /etc/rc0.d/
  • find the link S31umountnfs.sh (type: S = start)
  • do a sudo mv S31umountnfs.sh K31umountnfs.sh (type: K = kill/stop)
  • now go to /etc/rc6.d/ and do the same to the link there

You may find some more info on this blog.

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