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Flaky WiFi dongle toggle script

After moving to a new place, I had to put my ADS-B handling Raspberry Pi 2B into a cupboard far from any network connection. So I’ve plugged in a cheap USB WiFi dongle and connected it to my WiFi. However, I don’t know whether it’s the dongle or something specific to the RasPi2’s USB implementation,… Read More »

Steam bug in Ubuntu

Steam has the bad habit to not run after upgrades of the Steam software. This is, because it uses its own libc which expects libraries not there in Ubuntu. To fix this, delete the file libstdc++.so.6.0.18 from the following folders: Update October 2016 It seems Steam has a few more bad duplicates to make it… Read More »

Puppet on CentOS 7

To install Puppet on CentOS 7, you can basically follow these instructions. Notes: To permanently switch from WEBrick to Apache, configure systemd like this: Install client agent on RedHat/CentOS

Resize partition

Detect new disk size With virtual machines (VMware at least), you can resize the disk drives without restarting the VM itself. After doing that, you have to get Linux to recognize the new disk drive size. Use one of these (found hereand here) – assuming the modified drive is /dev/sdc: Check the success with fdisk… Read More »

Find PPA for specific package

If you want to find out from which PPA a specific package was installed or what other PPAs hold it, you can use the following command: (found at superuser.com) Here you can see that the package mpg is in the PPA gmpc-trunk/mpd-trunk and also in the natty/universe repository. The installed version is that from the… Read More »

Samba not showing Symlinks

After an upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, all Samba shares were missing symlinks, esp. symlinks to directories outside the share. To enable these again, add the following lines into the [global] section of your /etc/samba/smb.conf: Then restart smbd and you should see the symlinks again.