Backup Savegames on Nintendo DS

By | 15 Mar 2009

To backup savegames from your cartridges (e.g. for use with a ROM dump on a card like the CycloDS Evolution) there are two ways.

EZFlash 3in1 method

You’ll need a Slot1-homebrew launcher (like the CycloDS) and the EZFlash 3in1 Slot2-Flash-Expansion (EZFlash Plus might not work!).

  1. Download and install (on your microSD) the NDS Backup Tool 3in1 from Rudolph
  2. Make sure the EZFlash 3in1 is in your Slot2 and the CycloDS containing the card with the NDS Backup Tool is in Slot1
  3. Launch CycloDS and use it to run the backup tool
  4. Make sure you are in the Save Backup mode (if not, press L until you are)
  5. Press B to create a new savegame dump
  6. You are prompted to remove the current Slot1 card (CycloDS) and put in the card of the game … do so!
  7. Press A when ready
  8. Now the savegame data will be copied to the Flash of the EZFlash 3in1 card
  9. You are prompted to turn off the DS and re-run the NDS Backup Tool
  10. Turn off the NDS (or press A), remove the game cartridge and insert the CycloDS cartridge again
  11. When loading CycloDS, hold L-R to automagically re-run the backup tool
  12. Confirm the copy process by pressing A
  13. Now the savegame data will be copied from the EZFlash to your microSDHC card
  14. You’re done. The savegame will be in a folder /NDS_Backup/ on your microSDHC card.
  15. (You might have to rename the savegame file to the same name as the backup ROM of the game.)

Wi-Fi method

I did not test this method, but it needs a working Wi-Fi-connection from your NDS to your Access Point and some PC in your network. You’ll have to setup a FTP server. Download the NDS Backup Tool WiFi from Rudolph, unpack to your microSD and modify the file NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini and enter the IP, Port, Username and Password of your FTP server. The rest of the process should be similar to the above (despite of the switching cartridges).

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