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Favourite NDS Games

Here’s a list of my favorite games: Game Genre Comment Rittai Picross Puzzle very addictive Time Hollow Adventure great story, great soundtrack Another Code Adventure almost as great as Time Hollow Korg DS-10 Music Crosswords DS Puzzle Picross Puzzle

Extract Sound from Nintendo DS ROMs

To extract sounds (or graphics) from a ROM, you’ll need the ndstool and ndssndext. First extract the game data from ROM: This will create a new directory data containing all the game data. In there you’ll most probably find a file *.sdat somewhere. This is a sound archive format. Now run this through the ndssndext… Read More »


The ndstool can show header information of ROM files as well as extract the game logo or even the whole ROM contents. It also can recombine the extracted ROM contents to a working ROM again. Example output This is from the Linux binary (see above): This is from the Python version:

Dump Nintendo DS Games

Dumping game cartridges is done the same way like dumping savegames. EZFlash 3in1 method The only difference here is that you might have to swap the cartridges more often since the Flash memory of the EZFlash 3in1 is only 32 MiB and some games are up to 128 MiB in size. There’s a nice tutorial… Read More »

Backup Savegames on Nintendo DS

To backup savegames from your cartridges (e.g. for use with a ROM dump on a card like the CycloDS Evolution) there are two ways. EZFlash 3in1 method You’ll need a Slot1-homebrew launcher (like the CycloDS) and the EZFlash 3in1 Slot2-Flash-Expansion (EZFlash Plus might not work!). Wi-Fi method I did not test this method, but it… Read More »

CycloDS Evolution

The CycloDS Evolution is a cartridge for the NDS which adds homebrew capabilities. You can then run various homebrewed titles from a miniSDHC card on the NDS. You can even play backups of your own games and thus take them all with you in a single cartridge. Cheats Database The CycloDS Evo supports ActionReplay(tm) compatible… Read More »