Backup Wii games to USB HDD

By | 24 May 2009

System Menu 4.2

To patch System Menu 4.2 to allow backup (and playing of these backups) of games, follow the instructions at

  1. Install the HomeBrew Channel, DVDX and BootMii
    • make a backup of your NAND flash using BootMii
      1. after switching on your Wii, you’ll be in the BootMii menu (4 icons)
      2. use Power to select the gears on the right
      3. use Reset to choose the gears
      4. the first icon (green arrow pointing from IC to SD-Card) should be highlighted
      5. use Reset to choose this one
      6. follow the instructions to backup the NAND (don’t wonder about the bad blocks. Some Wii have up to 80!)
  2. Use one of the packages from Part B of the wiihacks-guide to uninstall ios249
    1. prepare and insert SD card
    2. boot your Wii, the WAD Manager should run (alternatively: Go to HBC and launch BootMii from there)
    3. in the IOS-selection, select ios36 (others like 249, 250 might also work, but froze my Wii)
    4. select SD-card as source, press A
    5. select IOS249.WAD, press A
    6. change action to Uninstall WAD, press A
      • if it gives errors at this point, try one of the other packages
  3. Use one of the packages from Part C of the wiihacks-guide to install cios38rev14
    1. prepare and insert SD card
    2. boot your Wii, the cios38-Installer should run (alternatively: Go to HBC and launch BootMii from there)
    3. in the IOS-selection, keep pressing Left until Do not reload IOS is shown, press A (might try other IOSes, but it worked fine this way)
    4. if you have a working Internet connection, select Network install, otherwise use WAD install and press A
      • if you chose WAD install, select the IOS38-64-v3610.wad on your SD card
    5. Proceed with the installation and you are done

After this procedure you will be able to use a USB Launcher to make and play backups or a DVD Launcher to play backup DVDs.

Shop Channel Update

On October, 21st 2009, Nintendo released a Shop Channel Update. This post implies that it may be safe to do this update if you are already on 4.2. After I made this update, the USBLoader GX rev. 799 crashed after showing the startup logo. So be sure to make a backup using BootMii.

UPDATE: The official update seems to reset the IOS249 (and maybe other IOSes). So you either have to repatch your Wii after the update or use WiiSCU to update the Shop Channel and IOS61 (Note: Use -trucha setting) only.

Burn backups to DVD

You can use any WBFS Manager tool to transfer the backups to your PC (as a ISO file) and burn them onto a DVD. You can then play the games from DVD using a DVD Launcher such as NeoGamma.

Make sure, your burning program keeps the book type of DVD-ROM. In Nero you have to go to the Choose Recorder dialog, Advanced options to set the book-type from Auto to DVD-ROM. Also burn with the slowest speed possible.


Intenso DVD+R LightScribe
SONY DVD+R Ver. 1.3X

Play Call of Duty: Black Ops

To play CoD:BO (and not get stuck in the “Loading…”-screen), you’ll need the cIOS rev20b found here. Install using IOS249 from base 57 into slot 249. After that, the game should work.

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