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Backup Wii games to USB HDD

System Menu 4.2 To patch System Menu 4.2 to allow backup (and playing of these backups) of games, follow the instructions at wiihacks.com. After this procedure you will be able to use a USB Launcher to make and play backups or a DVD Launcher to play backup DVDs. Shop Channel Update On October, 21st 2009,… Read More »

Favourite Wii Games

Here’s a list of my favorite Wii games: Game Genre Comment Red Steel FPS great soundtrack, nice story; hate the swordfights though Metroid Prime 3 FPS nice graphics Onslaught (WiiWare) FPS lots of fun playing this plain and straight forward shooter World of Goo (WiiWare) Puzzle very addictive Okami Adventure really great graphics, nice gameplay… Read More »

Mii to NDS Transfer

The Mii Channel has a hidden Transfer to DS option. According to cubed3.com the only NDS game using this for now is the Japanese title Aruite Wakaru Seikatsu Rhythm DS. To enable the feature, do this:

Nintendo Wii

Links Wii Downloads The Nintendo Channel on the Nintendo Wii allows you to download Demo versions of NDS games right to your NDS to play. Just do the following:

Nintendo Wii Encryption Keys

To use these keys with e.g. Segher’s Wii.git, you have to put them in binary files, i.e. use a Hex-Editor and paste these keys so that you get a 16 Byte long file for each key. Segher’s tools expect them to be located in ~/.wii/<keyname>, e.g. ~/.wii/common-key. common-key sd-key sd-iv md5-blanker

Wii MPlayer and Samba

The MPlayer Christmas Edition for Wii supports SMB browsing. You can configure the login data of the desired SMB share through the smb.conf on the SD card as follows: For it to work, you MUST use a dedicated user in Samba. Guest shares won’t work. Also make sure you have security=user set in your Linux… Read More »

Wii Savegame Editing

Savegames, as well as almost all other files, are encrypted using some crypto magic. The keys were found and now there are some tools to decrypt and recrypt the savegames called Segher’s Wii.git. To compile them, you need to also compile OpenSSL, add the include-directory of OpenSSL to the search path for gcc and also… Read More »