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RSA/Safeword Tokens

The P800 had an integrated RSA and SafeWord Token generator.For the iPhone there is a SecurID application in the app store. Here are some example initialization infos. RSA SecurID Example data Serial# Activation License 50453047 A4X3453NKFV8T2Y3JP093D3W91XUB 50525681 ACTUM53ERJHHIET93498HI3XTKAM2 50525682 AF3K453HLKMGL340KGMNL93YGKAMF 50525683 A9U4453M6W434MDEGEGKMM3YTK9BM (Taken from this PDF.) SafeWord Example data Serial# Authorization Code Key Phrase 00000123… Read More »

Evolution/ClamAV integration

To scan incoming mails for viruses, create to following script somewhere in your system: Now setup Evolution’s Incoming mail filters to pipe mails through your newly created script. If the return value is not zero, a virus was detected and you might want to move the mail to Trash or a special folder.