TEAC MP-380 / entryx EM850

By | 2 Feb 2009

A local discounter offered a MP4-player entryx EM850 some time ago. The supplied firmware has some severe problems, e.g. the devices powers off while playing without touching it.

After some research, I found some thread at discountfan.de which mentions that the device is originally built by YIFANG and is OEM’ed as Meizu M6 or TEAC MP-380.

The TEAC firmware is brand new and thus fixes the problems of the entryx version. Since you can’t download the firmware from the TEAC homepage, you have to get it from rapidshare.com.

All other files you can get directly from YIFANG: On the download page further down you’ll find a EM850RB driver package which also contains the firmware-updater and drivers for the Rock-chip (both contained in the ConsumerUpdate inside the RAR archive). You have to unpack the ConsumerUpdate and install it.

Now do the following:

  1. unplug the MP4-player from your PC
  2. hold the M key while plugging it in and hold the M key for some more seconds
    • the PC should show a new device and ask for drivers
  3. choose manually selection of drivers and point it to the directory where you installed the ConsumerUpdate to
  4. when the drivers are installed, run the Consumer.exe (for English language, change the Consumer.ini and set UILanguage to ENG instead of CH_S)
  5. choose the firmware file (.rfw) and click on Update
  6. 3 minutes later, everything should be done, exit the Updater
  7. unplug the device and power it on
    • the upgrade should be launched

After the upgrade completed, you might have to format the internal storage for the player to recognize it.

Some little bonus: After the upgrade, you’ll find a Tetris game as well as a FM-Tuner. But the latter one doesn’t have any reception – maybe they didn’t add an antenna, although the IC would support it.

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