By | 11 Apr 2009

For the SanDisk cruzer Titanium U3, there is a sync-software called CruzerSync which really is an OEM version of DMailer.

In the SanDisk U3 Download Central you’ll find a link to CruzerSync which is ancient. Then I somehow found a link directly at, which serves CruzerSync (which updates itself to after startup).

Using their old versions list (where there is CruzerSync, I found out that they store their files in the form on the server. So I tried the filename and finally omitted the V7 – and there it was in the download folder: CruzerSync for U3. (To enable the new black skin, you have to delete your sync profile inside CruzerSync.)

btw: There’s also CruzerSync for non-U3-sticks.

The last two links are generic links which should always return the latest version of CruzerSync.

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