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Rockbox on FUZE

Installing Please read the instructions in the official RockBox for FUZE manual. Themes The display of the FUZE has 220×176 pixels and therefore the same dimension as the iPod Color/Photoor the iRiver H3xx. Voice Use the rbutil to generate .voice files. Then open the file .rockbox/langs/english.voice (or whatever language you just created) up in a… Read More »

U3 Basics

U3 USB Stick The U3 capable stick will emulate 2 devices: a virtual CD-ROM drive and the actual flash disk. The virtual CD drive contains the LaunchPad software manager and it is on this extra area to let it be automatically run by Windows (as Autorun from USB flash disks doesn’t work correctly). Another advantage… Read More »


For the SanDisk cruzer Titanium U3, there is a sync-software called CruzerSync which really is an OEM version of DMailer. In the SanDisk U3 Download Central you’ll find a link to CruzerSync which is ancient. Then I somehow found a link directly at DMailer.com, which serves CruzerSync (which updates itself to after… Read More »

ID3 tagging & Album Art on the FUZE

The FUZE does not (since firmware 1.2.26/2.2.26) support ID3v2.4. But it does support ID3v2.3 and as it appears not only in ISO-8859-1 encoding but also in UTF-16. Genres The FUZE seems to understand only a few Genres by ID which are listed in the firmware file:Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Dance, Disco, Funk, Grunge, Hip-Hop, Jazz,… Read More »

SanDisk Sansa MTP mode

The Sansa differentiates between songs transferred via MTP mode and those transferred via MSC mode. The demo songs are all in the MTP area and thus you won’t see them when looking at the device in MSC mode. But it is possible, to mount the device in MTP mode also. You just have to install… Read More »

Rhythmbox and Sansa

To work with the FUSE in Rhythmbox, you have two choices: MTP mode or MSC mode. The MTP mode is the Media Transfer Protocol which the Windows Media Player uses. There’s a plugin for Rhythmbox which lets the player show up and you are able to manage the player from there. The MSC mode is… Read More »

SanDisk Sansa Video format

The Sansa is very picky about what file to play and what not. The demo video has the following format: Encoding According to this post the Any Video Converter should be able to convert videos for the FUZE. The Settings are:

SanDisk Sansa Feature Bits

The Sansa’s have different features for different countries/regions. E.g. the Japanese radio frequencies ranging from 76 to 90 MHz are partly used for Police radio and thus it is not allowed to tune to these forbidden frequencies. SanDisk achieved this by removing the Japan region from the Radio region selector. In European models of the… Read More »