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Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2007

In Outlook 2016, you can’t setup an account from an Exchange 2007 server without having autodiscover setup correctly. The Manual Setup only offers “Exchange ActiveSync” which doesn’t work with the 2007 Exchange. (The working method is named “Microsoft Exchange”.) Usually, for an email address account@example.org, Outlook 2016 will look for https://autodiscover.example.org/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml. If that DNS entry… Read More »

No DV capture possible on Windows 7 64bit

On a Windows 7 64bit, I was not able to capture any DV video from a video camera connected via Firewire IEEE1394. I was able to control the camera from the capture program (tried NeroVision and magix Video Deluxe) but only got a black screen and no audio. After a little search, I found this… Read More »

Restore Windows 7 MBR

If you installed Windows XP after Windows 7, you’re left with the XP-MBR on your drive and thus only XP is booting. If you happen to have hardware, which produces the Code 5 error upon trying to boot from the Win7-DVD, you can do the following to restore the Win7-MBR from within XP:

Gain Admin Access

To get access to a Windows PC as an Administrator user, there is a very brute security hole which you can use. The only thing is: You need physical access to the machine. The procedure is as follows:

Aquire video from DV-camera

If you can’t aquire any video from a DV camera connected via Firewire/IEEE1394, check if you have these symptoms: The reason seems to be a faulty IEEE1394 driver in Windows 7 64-bit. Check the Device Manager whether you have the Texas Instruments 1394 Controller installed. If so, right-click and choose Update driver…, search your computer… Read More »