iOS Firmware Unpacking

By | 20 May 2009


You’ll need the following tools:

Now compile the genpass.c:

  1. untar openssl-0.9.8h.tar.gz and rename the directory to just openssl
  2. compile OpenSSL:
    cd openssl/
    ./config && make
  3. now go one directory up (I assume this is where you put the genpass.c) and compile it:
    gcc genpass.c openssl/libcrypto.a -o genpass -I openssl/include
  4. the vfdecrypt-linux.tar.gz comes with a precompiled binary. If you want to compile it on your own, do it like this:
    gcc vfdecrypt.c ../openssl/libcrypto.a -I ../openssl/include/ -o vfdecrypt

Unpacking the ipsw file

The iPhone Software .ipsw files are normal ZIP files. You can extract them with e.g. IZArc. The archives
contain several files and some disk images: the iPhone OS itself, an Upgrade image and a Restore image. These 3 interesting files for the iPhone OS 3.0 BETA 5 are named like this (output of unzip -l):

Archive:  iPhone1,2_3.0_7A312g_Restore.ipsw
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
208347136  05-04-09 13:09   018-4965-005.dmg
 13086064  05-04-09 13:00   018-4970-005.dmg
 13086064  05-04-09 13:00   018-4972-005.dmg

The larger one is the iPhone OS image, the other two are the two loader images (upgrade/restore).

Decrypt a loader image

You need an initialization vector and a key for decrypting this. For now, these are posted on

Do this using the Xpwntool:

./xpwntool 018-4972-005.dmg ramdisk.dmg -iv 5508FD2D20F22048D4BC1780A0B1CAFF -k 198FEAFD04973FC8B07A052BE75B9288

Find encryption key for iPhoneOS

The key might be already posted on, so maybe we don’t need this step.

Use the compiled genpass.c to extract the encryption key from the decrypted loader image:

./genpass s5l8900x ./ramdisk.dmg 018-4965-005.dmg

This will give something like this:

passphrase: fcdf5fbe3bdcaeff0c3de34430ffb473ac34cb0b55efdc087e70aa7c558a1055
not block 0
not block 1
not block 2
not block 3
not block 4
not block 5
vfdecryptk: f7b1edb0ee9196a1393dccdc8d090051308b84ab322bf860cb1d3ca566ef2e29752fa79a

Decrypt iPhoneOS

This was a bit tricky as the syntax for vfdecrypt was wrong in all other manuals and even in the syntax help of vfdecrypt itself.

Run this:

./vfdecrypt -i018-4965-005.dmg -kf7b1edb0ee9196a1393dccdc8d090051308b84ab322bf860cb1d3ca566ef2e29752fa79a -odmg.dmg

(Note the missing <SPACE> between the parameter’s name and value.)

This will give you a file dmg.dmg which is the decrypted iPhoneOS image.

Uncompress iPhoneOS image

Since the dmg.dmg (199 MiB) is a compressed image, you can’t mount it directly in Linux. You first have to unpack it. There’s a tool dmg among the Xpwntools. So use it like this:

./dmg extract dmg.dmg dmg-raw.dmg

You’ll get a 441 MiB file dmg-raw.dmg.

Mount iPhoneOS

To go exploring the iPhoneOS files, you can now mount the uncompressed image like this:

sudo mount -o loop -t hfsplus ./dmg-raw.dmg /mnt/iphoneimage

(Make sure that /mnt/iphoneimage exists and is an empty folder.)


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