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iPhone vs. Android

iPhone Android (esp. Nexus One) It’s from Apple. It’s NOT from Apple. (or: It’s from Google.) can change keyboard layout on the fly keyboard language related to GUI language (not independently configurable!), but different input methods (not only keyboards) downloadable/switchable on the fly ~150.000 Apps (most are gimmicks though) ~30.000 Apps and growing, some well-known… Read More »

AirVideo Server under Linux

AirVideo is a Client/Server-Mediaplayer, which allows you to stream videos directly from your PC to your iPhone. Its server software started as Windows-/Mac-only but now there’s also a Linux server module available, too. All details are explained in their user forums. Compile the special FFmpeg under Ubuntu Autostart AirVideoServer To autostart AirVideoServer upon bootup, you… Read More »

iOS Emoji Keyboard

Emojis is the Japanese term for emoticons. Every mobile phone in the Japanese area has a fixed set of emoticons included and they are all compatible between different manufacturers of mobile phones. Apple chose to include them as well, but didn’t use the defacto-standard encoding for them but decided to encode them in the private… Read More »


iStat is an app that shows performance statistics of different machines. I compiled their iStat Server on my x86_64 machine and made a little DEB package. Download: istatd_0.5.4_x86_64.deb I also uploaded it to my PPA at launchpad.net. (If you own a Linksys NSLU2, you might want iStat Server (ARM).)

iPhone Carrier Settings

To enable MMS and Tethering, you might have to install a carrier-specific file for your carrier. Details If you look at the .ipcc-file you’ll notice that it’s a standard ZIP archive. Inside you’ll find a folder Payload and a folder with your carrier’s name. There you’ll find a file carrier.list along some others. It is… Read More »

iphoneOS Hidden Features

There are some hidden options which you have to enable via modifying some file. (see here and here.) Enable a feature For this you have to have ssh-access enabled!! Features Explained accessibility This will add a new settings menu below General (right below International). It is empty on iPhone 3G. gas-gauge-battery This will enable a… Read More »

Google Calendars

If you want to sync your iPhone primarily with an Exchange server of your company but do want to have your (private) Google Calendars with you, you can add them as CalDAV calendars (since iPhone OS 3.0). Go to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Add Account… → Other → Add CalDAV Account: If you… Read More »

My Applications for iOS

This should be a list of apps I use for specific tasks and why I use them: Banking The free version allows access to all accounts you can reach with one ID. For me, this includes both of my accounts. What do you want more? Birthdays Read all descriptions for apps of this kind and… Read More »

iOS and Crashing Applications

If you have to problem that some apps crash directly after running them, i.e. you see the app “popup” but it immediately disappears leaving you back at the home screen, it might be a problem with Apple’s DRM. This can occur if a Sync with iTunes is aborted or the connection was lost. I found… Read More »