AudioMate Hardware

By | 26 Jun 2009

Opened with front panel

PCBs complete

  • the yellow PCB on the left is the WIFI antenna
  • the green PCB on the right is the FM antenna
  • the small metal thingy right of the display is the FM tuner
  • the black thingy left of the display is the IR receiver

Main PCB

  • on the top are two connectors, an 8-pin (J9) and a 4-pin (J5) one
  • the 4-pin connector, J5, is the serial console interface, the pins are as follows (left-to-right):
    • +5V
    • GND
    • TxD (from SoC)
    • RxD (to SoC)
  • the larger ICs are:

Back of Front PCB

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