By | 12 Oct 2009

apt-cacher and apt-cacher-ng both act as a proxy between apt-get or aptitude and the Debian repositories. It stores the packages upon first request and loads them from cache on further ones. If you have 2 or more Ubuntu PCs in your network, you can save a massive amount of bandwidth with it.


  1. Install the package apt-cacher or apt-cacher-ng
  2. Make sure it is running (sometimes you might have to edit a file /etc/default/apt-cacher or
    /etc/default/apt-cacher-ng to enable it)
  3. Now do the following on ALL PCs in your network – including the one with apt-cacher(-ng) installed:
    • Create a file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01proxy with the following contents: (replace the IP by the IP of the PC with apt-cacher(-ng) installed)
      Acquire::http::Proxy "";
    • Create a file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99clean with the following contents: (this will keep the local apt-cache clean)
      DPkg::Post-Invoke {"/usr/bin/find /var/cache/apt/archives/ -type f -mtime 2 -name *.deb -exec /bin/rm -f {} \; || true";};

That was it. All packages will be cached on the apt-cacher(-ng)-PC and the local caches will be kept clean.

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