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apt-cacher and apt-cacher-ng both act as a proxy between apt-get or aptitude and the Debian repositories. It stores the packages upon first request and loads them from cache on further ones. If you have 2 or more Ubuntu PCs in your network, you can save a massive amount of bandwidth with it. Installation That was… Read More »

apt-get Errors

If you get the following error while updating the package list: You need to manually update the key. The key-ID is the last 8 digits of the key, in this case: 0c713da6. Now fetch the key from the Ubuntu keyserver: And finally add the new key to the apt-keyring: You can even automate this a… Read More »


At work we have the Kerio Mailserver Appliance for VMware which is based on Fedora Core 6. Since they use the ugly yum, I decided to install apt-rpm. I’m still missing something like aptitude, but it is okay now. apt-rpm expects some *.list files in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory – as does the Ubuntu apt-get. Repositories… Read More »

apt Repositories

There’s a slightly outdated list at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185758 DropBox Repository for DropBox. feisty-commercial Google LaunchPad Projects Aguignard (Sonata, a MPD client) Bazaar Bazaar BETA Blueman blueyed (TV-Browser) c-korn (wine, vlc) Conduit Deluge Gnome Do Gnome Do BETA Gnome Terminator GnuCash Hamster Applet hyperair (Pidgin) james-w (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) mishd (Hotwire, PasswordSafe) mozillateam (Mozilla Alpha) Netbook Remix… Read More »