Citrix ICAClient

By | 4 Mar 2010

This plugin will work with browsers which support Netscape compatible plugins, e.g. Firefox or Opera.

SSL error 61

This error means your certificate chain is broken or not “trusted”.

Get certificates

While the Windows clients download the certificates automatically, the Linux client doesn’t. You will need access to a Windows running Firefox or talk to someone to get the required certificates.

  • Open Firefox (make sure you had at least one successful connection using the ICAClient)
  • go to menu ToolsOptions…AdvancedEncryption and click the button View certificates
  • click the Servers tab
  • find the certificate matching your desired Citrix server and select it (click once)
  • now click the Export… button, choose X.509 certificate (DER) as format and save it
  • click the View… button and notice the name under “Issued By” → “Common Name (CN)” then close the dialog
  • select the Authorities tab
  • search the list for the name you just saw, most times the group will have a similar name
  • export this certificate the same way as above (DER format)
  • view that certificate and check whether the “Issued By” → “Common Name (CN)” is different from the certificates
    name – if so: repeat the steps to also export this one
  • if all certificates are exported, copy them to these locations:
    • the Root CA certificate (that one you exported last) goes to /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/ to make it a trusted certificate
    • all other go to ~/.ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/
  • All done.

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