iPhone vs. Android

By | 7 Mar 2010
iPhoneAndroid (esp. Nexus One)
It’s from Apple.It’s NOT from Apple. (or: It’s from Google.)
can change keyboard layout on the flykeyboard language related to GUI language (not independently configurable!), but different input methods (not only keyboards) downloadable/switchable on the fly
~150.000 Apps (most are gimmicks though)~30.000 Apps and growing, some well-known web-based services still missing as a native App
Apple decides which apps get onto the phone/in the AppStorevery loose controlled Market store
can install apps via USB or web download, even from Linux
only syncs with one single iTunes, i.e. no Linux support at all, no sync at multiple placessupports USB HDD mode where you can use the microSD-card like a flash disk
can sync with local software (e.g. Outlook) via iTunessyncs mostly with Google services or Exchange, but custom apps available for ActiveSync, SyncML, Outlook, etc.
supports Push Notifications via Apple serversPush Notifications are a bit complicated and not native (e.g. IBM MQTT) but can use Jabber/XMPP messages via Google Talk for notifications
Tethering depends on network carrier / paidTethering via different methods from free to $30
cheap iPhone OS upgrades in the future (OS2 → OS3 for iPod Touch was $9.95), new versions still support (almost) all old devicesAndroid updates depend on cell phone maker
Apple forbids downgrades of software, even from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 is not possible — even when they have broken a featureYou even get the instructions from them…
you are limited to those service providers Apple cooperates with (“exclusive contracts”)open for all network service providers
can’t replace/change batteryspare batteries are available
Apple’s sense of security is not the best: h-online.com
iPhone’s Headset has only 1 button (push once to Play/Pause; push twice to Skip Track)Android Headset has 3 buttons (Last Track; Play/Pause; Next Track)
only one App can be used at a timeMultitasking!
Apps are limited to their own files (+Pictures/Camera), i.e. you can’t access file stored with a different AppApps have access to all files in your Home directory, i.e. Images, Music, etc.
somewhat sloppy (3G)blazing fast
can only have App icons on the Home screen, nothing else is configurable
up to 11 pages with 110 Apps (more can be run by searching)
Home screen can have Widgets, Icons, Subfolders (for more Icons) and you can change the wallpaper (even to an animated “Live Wallpaper”)
5 pages, but folders allow for more Apps; also “All Apps at once” view integrated; searching is also available
syncs fine with Exchangedoesn’t sync Exchange calendars
have to check Inboxes of each mail acctUnified inbox available

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  1. iOS-expert

    “Apple forbids downgrades of software, even from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 is not possible — even when they have broken a feature”

    This is possible! Just search for “Downgrade iphone firmware” in google


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