DYMO LabelWriter 320 under Ubuntu Linux

By | 9 Oct 2011

This label printer doesn’t work out of the box under Linux. There are some instructions over at
ubuntuforums.org, but they’re missing something for the latest Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot. These instructions should work:

  1. download the DYMO SDK dymo-cups-drivers-1.2.0.tar.gz from dymo.com
  2. unpack (a directory dymo-cups-drivers-1.2.0 will be created)
  3. make sure you’ve installed libcups2-dev and libcupsimage2-dev (and, of course, build-essential)
  4. run ./configure
  5. try a make all, you will most probably get various errors like “size_t has not been declared” or “size_t does not name a type” — if so, try this:
    • add a line: #include <stddef.h> as the first line to the following files:
      • src/lw/LabelWriterLanguageMonitor.h
      • src/lw/LabelWriterDriver.h
      • src/common/Halftoning.h
    • now, again, run make all
  6. run sudo make install
  7. now open System SettingsPrinter
  8. make sure, your LabelWriter is connected
  9. add a new printer, choose your LabelWriter, when asked for a driver, point it to ppd/lw320.ppd from the dymo-cups-drivers-1.2.0 directory
  10. start printing, e.g. from glabels

7 thoughts on “DYMO LabelWriter 320 under Ubuntu Linux

  1. mikeadamparker

    Thankyou for this.  I was stuck with this and had installed all the packages, but your solution has finally worked for the LabelWriter 450.

    1. Bruno


      Are you using the LW 450? I’m trying to print with gLabels but the margins are not exact and changing the PPD margins didn’t work. I’m using 11353 labels.

      Did you have any issues with the margins when you used this printer?


  2. Naveed Choudhry

    Thank you so much for the excellent instructions! I installed a Labelwriter 400 with them. Just wanted to add my two cents. I’m using ubuntu Linux 12.10. I didn’t have any issues with step 5. Also in step 9, it did not ask me to select a driver file, it automatically had DYMO 400 in the selected fields. Also, if I may, to save users time, I have settings for a shipping label using glabels. Page size: Other, width:2.0 , Height: 4.0. Label: Rectangular/square. Label or Card Size: width:2.0 , height: 3.462 (leave rest zero) Margin 0.125.

  3. Jos

    Tried to get my dymo label printer installed the whole afternoon, could not get it done….
    Stumbled over this site, followed all steps and IT WORKS !!!
    Thanks !!

  4. Robert Wilson

    Nice one and much appreciated, I was pulling my hair out trying to get these to compile on Ubuntu 12.04 server, but all working great now 😉

  5. Peter Drew

    Thanks, I found it hard to follow this but that is because I am unused to Linux and it was, for me, complex.
    That being said, Thank You, worked a treat and as you said on the link to here, this was the easy way.
    Thanks for putting this up, I now have both my label makers working.


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