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Steam bug in Ubuntu

Steam has the bad habit to not run after upgrades of the Steam software. This is, because it uses its own libc which expects libraries not there in Ubuntu. To fix this, delete the file libstdc++.so.6.0.18 from the following folders: Update October 2016 It seems Steam has a few more bad duplicates to make it… Read More »

Install wubildr

The loader for a convenient wubi-installation of Ubuntu, can be easily re-added to the Windows Vista/Windows 7 bootloader. After you have transferred all Ubuntu related files to the new root drive (files: wubildr and wubildr.mbr and the ubuntu directory), open a new Console as Administrator and run the following commands to add Ubuntu to the… Read More »

Install Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One

There’s a nice help page at the Ubuntu page. Needed: Missing features: Intrepid Ibex (8.10) Works almost out-of-the-box. You just have to blacklist the ath_pci module to make the WLAN card work. Everything else seems to work fine. You might have to keep the setkeycodes mappings for the popup displays when changing volume or brightness… Read More »