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hp Spectre x360 BIOS Update

BIOS updates are actually done via the hidden HP_TOOLS service partition which you can get to by pressing F2 after switching on the notebook or from the Startup Menu. The update you download from the hp service page merely copies the new BIOS files to that partition. However, if you deleted that partition or switched… Read More »

OpenWRT sysupgrade with ExtRoot

Run sysupgrade or upload the new file with LuCI. After the reboot, you will be in the base system (that is, your configuration, but without ExtRoot). Run these commands to get back on track: After this reboot, either everything will be working again (/dev/sda1 mounted to /overlay) or – if there was a new kernel… Read More »

Find PPA for specific package

If you want to find out from which PPA a specific package was installed or what other PPAs hold it, you can use the following command: (found at superuser.com) Here you can see that the package mpg is in the PPA gmpc-trunk/mpd-trunk and also in the natty/universe repository. The installed version is that from the… Read More »

Sync Package List between 2 PCs

To export a list of all installed packages, you can use the following command: But this will loose any {A} markers for automatically installed packages and therefore produce a lot of garbage when dependencies change. To export only manually installed packages, use aptitude like this: (More aptitude filterstrings can be found on their project page.)… Read More »