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hp Spectre x360 BIOS Update

BIOS updates are actually done via the hidden HP_TOOLS service partition which you can get to by pressing F2 after switching on the notebook or from the Startup Menu. The update you download from the hp service page merely copies the new BIOS files to that partition. However, if you deleted that partition or switched… Read More »

MEDION BIOS settings

Some MEDION PCs have hidden BIOS settings. To get to them, get into the BIOS and press F11. If you’re asked for a password, try am8888egh or am8888egc. Maybe you can even omit the last letter. According to a MEDION employee, there are only 2 employees who know this password. Also it shouldn’t be leaked… Read More »

BIOS Update on the Acer Aspire One

To update the BIOS without Windows, install UNetBootIn and use it to put FreeDOS on a flash drive. Now extract the e.g. v.3305.zip to it and reboot the machine. Press F12 in the right moment and select your USB flash drive from the list. Press ENTER when you see the boot: prompt, then launch the… Read More »

Toshiba notebooks

I found three different ways for bypassing the password-check on a Toshiba-notebook. I had no chance to test them, so I can’t promise they will work. Holding SHIFT Hold down the left SHIFT-key upon bootup – this should skip the password-check on most notebooks and on some desktop-systems. KeyDisk For this one, you will need… Read More »

IBM ThinkPad series

Please also see this homepage for more information regarding removing passwords from IBM ThinkPads. 240 [2609] Short the jumper JP1. 310/310D/310E/310ED [2600] Use switch SW2 near CPU socket (second bit switch counting from the lowest side). ??? [2610], 365C/365CD/365CS/365CSD/365E/365ED [2625] The following procedure disables user and supervisor passwords: 355x [2619], 360x [2620], 370C/750x/755C/755CS [9545] How… Read More »

IBM PS/2 Aptiva

This is a short one: For skipping the password check, you have to hold down both mousebuttons after power-on until the first beep. If this doesn’t work, try to press both mousebuttons repeatedly.