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Android Secret Menus

There are various secret menus hidden in the Android OS. Here are some of them (thanks to askvg.com): Code Description *#*#checkin#*#* Forces the system to check for updated apps or a pending system update (found that one here first) *#*#info#*#* Shows various informations about GSM network, CDMA, WLAN, battery, etc.; also allows you to change… Read More »

Aptoide Repositories

Aptoide is like a package manager for Android. It retrieves lists of programs from different repositories and lets you install, update or uninstall these programs. Here are some repositories to use (mostly from forum.xda-developers.com): You might try to download this file aptoide.myapp from your Android phone (with Aptoide installed!) which should auto-add all repositories:

My Apps on the Nexus One

mbirth’s Android apps on AppBrain Markets As Android allows you to get Apps from different sources, there are also some alternative Market applications. AppBrain even analyzes your installed apps and recommends other apps which might fit your user profile. Text Input The internal keyboard of Android 2.1 is great already. It does its job and… Read More »