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Android apps to try

Here are some Android apps and games I’ve found interesting or which were recommended somewhere for various purposes. And which I didn’t had the time/need to try them yet. Apps Games Specials / Miscellaneous

Display density on Android

Methods Android supports changing the display resolution in 2 different ways. wm density This method works without root and changes the density of the window manager. You can call this command only from the adb shell. The syntax is: E.g. the Nexus 9 has a real display density of 288ppi, so you would run: To… Read More »

Tango Messenger

If you text with someone over Tango, you might not know his/her phone number, because he got yours first and started the conversation. But if you are on a rooted Android, that’s no problem. Head to /data/data/com.sgiggle.production/files and find the file call_log.dat. Take a look at it – it should look similar to this: The… Read More »

Becoming root on Android

Rooting means installing a su binary onto the device, which provides a way to become the root (=Superuser, “su”) user on the Android system. root has access to everything and thus you can do really nasty things with it. Preparation Unlock bootloader If not already done, unlock your bootloader. su binary There are currently two… Read More »

Duplicate files in /data/app-asec/ on Android

On Jelly Bean, using FX with root, I noticed duplicate files in /data/app-asec/, e.g.: It looks like one is obsolete and consuming almost 60MB. So I deleted the older ones of the duplicates and also renamed all files to have the suffix -1. After a reboot, some apps were not working. The launcher showed a… Read More »

Android Secret Menus

There are various secret menus hidden in the Android OS. Here are some of them (thanks to askvg.com): Code Description *#*#checkin#*#* Forces the system to check for updated apps or a pending system update (found that one here first) *#*#info#*#* Shows various informations about GSM network, CDMA, WLAN, battery, etc.; also allows you to change… Read More »

Aptoide Repositories

Aptoide is like a package manager for Android. It retrieves lists of programs from different repositories and lets you install, update or uninstall these programs. Here are some repositories to use (mostly from forum.xda-developers.com): You might try to download this file aptoide.myapp from your Android phone (with Aptoide installed!) which should auto-add all repositories: