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Android apps to try

Here are some Android apps and games I’ve found interesting or which were recommended somewhere for various purposes. And which I didn’t had the time/need to try them yet. Apps Games Specials / Miscellaneous

My Apps on the Nexus One

mbirth’s Android apps on AppBrain Markets As Android allows you to get Apps from different sources, there are also some alternative Market applications. AppBrain even analyzes your installed apps and recommends other apps which might fit your user profile. Text Input The internal keyboard of Android 2.1 is great already. It does its job and… Read More »

My Applications for iOS

This should be a list of apps I use for specific tasks and why I use them: Banking The free version allows access to all accounts you can reach with one ID. For me, this includes both of my accounts. What do you want more? Birthdays Read all descriptions for apps of this kind and… Read More »

Messenger apps for iOS

There are quite a few messenger applications out there. Most people prefer BeeJive or IM+ – not only because they promise you to keep you online 24 hours a day – even without having the application open on your iPhone. Privacy issues Since until today, no application can stay “online” in the background (i.e., if… Read More »

Navigation for iOS

xGPS (You need a jailbroken iPhone for this.) xGPS is a navigation system which uses Google Maps for routing and display of the map. It can download map tiles for offline use and can use the “normal” map as well as the terrain map of Google Maps. Your current position is shown centered together with… Read More »

Develop iOS Apps

real Apps Pseudo-Apps Pseudo-Apps is what I call the apps which are actually a bunch of HTML pages with JavaScript and some JavaScript-API for accessing the iPhone internal features. These open in a WebKit-control so that they are basically some spiced up websites. Web-Apps


Appulous is a special AppStore for jailbroken iPhones. The problem of the original AppStore is that you can’t test the applications. You are mostly dependent on the reviews – if there are some. Appulous lets you test drive most applications from the AppStore. To install it, add the following source to Cydia: http://cydia.hackulo.us . Then… Read More »

Alternatives to Windows applications

Windows application(s) Linux equivalent(s) Adobe Photoshop GIMP Adobe Illustrator Inkscape AeroFlyFMS CRRCSim ElStEr Taxbird foobar2000 RhythmboxMPD with pympd Google Earth Marble (or try their WinE-Version) IrfanView GQview Microsoft Office OpenOffice.org Miranda Pidgin Nero Nero Linux Picasa F-Spot (or try their WinE-Version) PopTray mail-notification PortableAppsU3 PorToolsl-portableKlik Putty CM + PuTTY grcm or ~/.ssh/config StarMoney Moneyplex (or… Read More »