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IBM ThinkPad series

Please also see this homepage for more information regarding removing passwords from IBM ThinkPads. 240 [2609] Short the jumper JP1. 310/310D/310E/310ED [2600] Use switch SW2 near CPU socket (second bit switch counting from the lowest side). ??? [2610], 365C/365CD/365CS/365CSD/365E/365ED [2625] The following procedure disables user and supervisor passwords: 355x [2619], 360x [2620], 370C/750x/755C/755CS [9545] How… Read More »

IBM PS/2 Aptiva

This is a short one: For skipping the password check, you have to hold down both mousebuttons after power-on until the first beep. If this doesn’t work, try to press both mousebuttons repeatedly.