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Toshiba notebooks

I found three different ways for bypassing the password-check on a Toshiba-notebook. I had no chance to test them, so I can’t promise they will work. Holding SHIFT Hold down the left SHIFT-key upon bootup – this should skip the password-check on most notebooks and on some desktop-systems. KeyDisk For this one, you will need… Read More »

IBM ThinkPad series

Please also see this homepage for more information regarding removing passwords from IBM ThinkPads. 240 [2609] Short the jumper JP1. 310/310D/310E/310ED [2600] Use switch SW2 near CPU socket (second bit switch counting from the lowest side). ??? [2610], 365C/365CD/365CS/365CSD/365E/365ED [2625] The following procedure disables user and supervisor passwords: 355x [2619], 360x [2620], 370C/750x/755C/755CS [9545] How… Read More »

IBM PS/2 Aptiva

This is a short one: For skipping the password check, you have to hold down both mousebuttons after power-on until the first beep. If this doesn’t work, try to press both mousebuttons repeatedly.

DELL Latitude series

These ones are something different. DELL notebooks save their BIOS password in an EEPROM-chip so it isn’t deleted when you short-circuit the BIOS battery or something like that. Also there’s no jumper/DIP-switch which disables the password. Nevertheless, there are three different ways to get such things fixed: I will describe the second one here. Service… Read More »

BIOS Passwörter 🇩🇪

This page in English. Da Notebook-Hersteller die Vergesslichkeit von Passwörtern als Problem erkannt haben, ist es oft recht einfach, einvergessenes BIOS-Passwort zu entfernen. Entfernen der Batterie Man trennt das Notebook vom Netz und nimmt den Akku heraus. Danach findet und entfernt man die BIOS-Batterie für ca. eine Minute und setzt sie danach wieder ein. Falls… Read More »