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Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2007

In Outlook 2016, you can’t setup an account from an Exchange 2007 server without having autodiscover setup correctly. The Manual Setup only offers “Exchange ActiveSync” which doesn’t work with the 2007 Exchange. (The working method is named “Microsoft Exchange”.) Usually, for an email address account@example.org, Outlook 2016 will look for https://autodiscover.example.org/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml. If that DNS entry… Read More »

Restore Windows 7 MBR

If you installed Windows XP after Windows 7, you’re left with the XP-MBR on your drive and thus only XP is booting. If you happen to have hardware, which produces the Code 5 error upon trying to boot from the Win7-DVD, you can do the following to restore the Win7-MBR from within XP:

Gain Admin Access

To get access to a Windows PC as an Administrator user, there is a very brute security hole which you can use. The only thing is: You need physical access to the machine. The procedure is as follows:

Microsoft Office OEM

Install Fujitsu-Siemens version If you want to install a Microsoft Office and you happen to only have an OEM version from Fujitsu-Siemens, you’ll notice that it refuses to install on any Non-FSC-PC. But after some peeking around on the CD, you’ll find a suspiciously large file Install\OFF_FSC.EXE with around 250 MiB. Taking a look at… Read More »

microsoft.com not working

If you have a router and Internet works with any application/site but you can’t connect to any microsoft.com site (e.g. WindowsUpdate, Windows Live Messenger [error code: 81000306], etc.) you might have your MTU set to a too high value. The default MTU for ethernet devices is 1500 but since the PPPoE header adds 8 Bytes… Read More »