Fix IKEA Markus office chair

After some years, my IKEA Markus chair developed some clicking/knocking noise whenever I swivel in it. This was very annoying for everbody in the same room. All posts and videos I found about problems with these chairs were talking about re-greasing the swiveling mechanism under the seat. However, there were a lot of people that… Read More »

Toyota Touch 2 Firmware Update

What unit do I have? Recent Toyotas have a unit called “Touch 2” or “Touch&Go 2” in their middle console. Problem is: you can’t differentiate between them easily. Actually, the “Touch 2” is what you see when sitting in your car. The “Touch&Go 2” is the same base unit, but with an extra processor and… Read More »

TV Hotel Mode

LG (If your remote doesn’t have a Settings button, try Menu or HOME.) Philips 26HFL5870D and similar (Only works if TV is in “Standard” security mode.)