HTC Universal shuts down at xx% of battery left

By | 14 Jul 2008


Fellow universal users who suffer from battery problems, i know this issue is reccuring and is in many threads and
forums now. However i am sorry to increase the talk in another thread. I just thought i would share my peice of

Attached is a pic of the universal battery and below is a little procedure that you might wanna try.

Lets say your universal battery is dying after 10 mins and you just had charged it overnight (meter says it died at
95% or whatever.. ) here is what you do.

  1. take the battery out locate the pin provided in this pic attached. its the second pin from the top if you are
    holding the battery with the connector being to the upper right corner (just see the pic)
  2. cover this pin with a thin peice of tape that you will leave temporarily. till the battery fully dies.
  3. turn your universal on after placing the battery in it again
  4. change the power settings in a way that leaves the universal on for all the time unless you manually turn it off..
    so all the power savings are off.
  5. let your battery drain all the way until it just turns the universal off.
  6. take the battery out and remove the insulation from that pin
  7. turn your universal on again and let it charge overnight or till the light turns green.
  8. this fixed my universals’ battery and now mine turns off at 5%

p.s. while the universal is running and the pin is insulated you will notice that the battery indicator that shows
the percentage left doesn’t work. (thats the whole point making the ppc blind and not being able to read how much is
in the batter and take full advantage of whats in it as far as power goes, this will make the battery realize that it
was drained more than usual and forces it to recalculate or recalibrate itself.

by the way you will also notice that the universal wont be able to get charged while that pin is insulated. so again
my advice is fully charge your battery , take it out, insulate the pin then drain it all the way, take the insulation
out and recharge until light is green.

please post if you had a successful result and hopefully for all who are suffering from this battery problem now they
have one more

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