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VGA mode for older WM programs

Most older programs, like The Dog Ate It are using the old 240×320 format with double pixel size. So for TDAI, this had the effect, that the ClearTyped text was badly readable because of the big pixels. The problem is that these old programs don’t bring the HI_RES_AWARE flag which causes this double pixel mode,… Read More »

Flashing HTC devices from Linux

To flash HTC devices under Linux, there is the HTCFlasher tool. You might be missing the /dev/ttyUSB0 device in recent Ubuntu installations. To fix this, use lsusb and look for the device ID of a Microsoft Corp. Generic PPC Flash device (if in bootloader mode). Now do a or add the following line to your… Read More »

OggSync for Windows Mobile

Tested Version: 4.19 OggSync connects to https://oggsync.com/r/r or https://oggsync.com/r/e and sends the entered info (PayPal eMail or Registration Code) along with some other info. You can find these URLs in cleartext Unicode inside the ogsync.exe. The relevant fields of a $_SERVER dump are those: PayPal: (I entered anon@anon.com as eMail address.) Registration Code: (The 12345… Read More »