Wherever Change Directory

By | 22 Feb 2009

wcd is a tool which catalogs all directories of your $HOME (can be configured to catalog the whole drive) and then lets you type wcd Desktop and switches over to your ~/Desktop from wherever you are. Or you can type wcd "Rammstein*" and it will show you a list of your Rammstein-albums of your ~/Music-directory and jump to your choice.

The Ubuntu-Package is very outdated, so you better download the file from the homepage. Unpack it in /usr/local:

/usr/local% sudo tar xvzf wcd-4.1.0-linux.tar.gz

This will put a wcd.exe to your /usr/local/bin which is the main executable. But wcd doesn’t work by directly calling it, you have to add a function to your shell. But the following code into your .bash_profile or .zshrc:

# wcd
function wcd {
    /usr/local/bin/wcd.exe -i -K -G $HOME $*
    . $HOME/wcd.go
    rm $HOME/wcd.go

This advises wcd to put the cd-command into a file ~/wcd.go which is afterwards sourced by your shell to actually complete the cd. You can also type wcd -g to start the graphical cd. The switches -i -K make wcd ignore cases and put it in color-mode (for the -g UI).

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