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DeckLink BlackMagic Quad

You can use any of the 4 BlackMagic processors by specifying DeckLink SDI (1) … DeckLink SDI (4). The number after the @ is the port. This example streams the signal on port @3 in 2 different formats to different ports on More info on StackOverflow.

TechniSat DigiCorder

Concat Transport Stream Copy recording from the TSD drive to a FAT32 USB HDD. ⚠️ Target drive needs to support large files >4GB Convert to MKV If avconv aborts because of incomplete frames, use -ss and -t to seek a few seconds into the stream and stop a few seconds before the end. Rip recordings… Read More »

No DV capture possible on Windows 7 64bit

On a Windows 7 64bit, I was not able to capture any DV video from a video camera connected via Firewire IEEE1394. I was able to control the camera from the capture program (tried NeroVision and magix Video Deluxe) but only got a black screen and no audio. After a little search, I found this… Read More »

Merge Video Files

To merge multiple (similar) video files into one big file, there are different ways. avimerge This only works with avi files. avimerge is part of the transcode-utils package. If the sound doesn’t match from the second file on, use the -c switch. mencoder This should also work with mpg videos. Install the mencoder package.

Aquire video from DV-camera

If you can’t aquire any video from a DV camera connected via Firewire/IEEE1394, check if you have these symptoms: The reason seems to be a faulty IEEE1394 driver in Windows 7 64-bit. Check the Device Manager whether you have the Texas Instruments 1394 Controller installed. If so, right-click and choose Update driver…, search your computer… Read More »

SanDisk Sansa Video format

The Sansa is very picky about what file to play and what not. The demo video has the following format: Encoding According to this post the Any Video Converter should be able to convert videos for the FUZE. The Settings are: