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Tango Messenger

If you text with someone over Tango, you might not know his/her phone number, because he got yours first and started the conversation. But if you are on a rooted Android, that’s no problem. Head to /data/data/com.sgiggle.production/files and find the file call_log.dat. Take a look at it – it should look similar to this: The… Read More »


The setup of jabberd2 is mostly straight-forward. Just install the package and all needed transports. The change the config files in /etc/jabberd2 to your needs, esp. the name/jid of the admin. pyMSNt Update The most recent version is in a Mercurial repository at https://sharesource.org/hg/pymsnt/summary. There you can download the trunk revision and replace the files… Read More »

Messenger apps for iOS

There are quite a few messenger applications out there. Most people prefer BeeJive or IM+ – not only because they promise you to keep you online 24 hours a day – even without having the application open on your iPhone. Privacy issues Since until today, no application can stay “online” in the background (i.e., if… Read More »