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iPXE Scripts for Tools

Most tools you want to boot are probably Linux systems. To boot them, you need a kernel and some (initial) filesystem. One way is to load an initrd (initial ramdisk) which contains only the basic stuff and mounts the big filesystem itself. Or you can mount the “big” filesystem directly and use that from the… Read More »

iPXE Network Boot

I first stumbled upon iPXE because of a failing info monitor at my local train station: iPXE is an open source firmware, meant as a replacement for the very basic option ROM in ethernet cards. But you can also use that default option ROM to chainload iPXE without having to modify your device(s). iPXE brings… Read More »

My iPXE settings

I’ll list my modifications (keep everything else as it is) here but keep in mind that you most probably wantdifferent settings. See also this post about iPXE in general. src/config/console.h (commented in to enable:) (changed from us to de🙂 src/config/general.h (changed from #undef to #define🙂 (changed from #undef to #define🙂 (changed from #undef to #define🙂… Read More »

Network Monitoring

I tried some different products for network monitoring since the top dog Nagios is everything else but easy to maintain. Tested products were: OpenNMS Configurable by XML files, so suffers the same problem as Nagios – you need something to configure it comfortably or spend time writing the config yourself. Compatible to Nagios plugins. Pandora… Read More »

WiFi on bootup with guessnet

Install the guessnet package. This will install the guessnet-ifupdown helper tool. Now edit your /etc/network/interfaces file and add the following lines: This will first try to connect to the CompanyWLAN network and if this is not found, try the WLANatHOME. If everything fails, it will connect to any open Access Point.

SyslogD for LAN

To let the syslogd also receive messages from your local network, edit the file /etc/default/syslogd and modify the last line so that it looks like this: Restart the sysklogd and watch your /var/log/messages.

NetBIOS/WINS support

To enable lookup of WINS-names in Ubuntu, edit the file /etc/nsswitch.conf and find the line: Append wins to the end of the line so that it looks like this: From now on you can also use NetBIOS names to address PCs in your LAN.


Preparing to go asleep To make Linux not shut down the network interface upon halt, edit the file /etc/init.d/halt, find the line with the halt command and remove the parameter -i if there. This parameter does ifdown on all networking interfaces. As the manpage for halt states, this is unneccessary for newer kernels – also… Read More »