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SonyEricsson MBW-150

Product Page Android 2.x-Phones Notification service using OpenWatch, Tasker and PHP Setup Tasker Setup Server Put the following file onto a webserver capable of running PHP scripts (notify.php): Usage Under Linux, you can send a notification like this:

SONY PlayStation Portable

PSP-S110 Pandora Battery The original shipped battery of type PSP-S110 can be made a Pandora-battery which enables developer features on the PSP. Opening the battery The housing of the battery is glued together around the side. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN IT WITH A SCREWDRIVER as you can easily produce shorts which may even make… Read More »

SONY Virtual Expander

Virtual Expander is a software which is bundled with the following models: The following information is based on the 1.x version since the 2.x was not available at the time I figured this out. But I guess it will work on that versions also. How it works Basically, VE is a compression tool. It lets… Read More »


In the newer SONY VAIO Notebooks, the BIOS password is no longer stored in the volatile CMOS-area but on an EEPROM. Jean Delvare has published his results of an analysis of various Sony Vaio EEPROM dumps on his homepage. There you can see that the BIOS password is stored encrypted in the first 7 Bytes… Read More »