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Network Monitoring

I tried some different products for network monitoring since the top dog Nagios is everything else but easy to maintain. Tested products were: OpenNMS Configurable by XML files, so suffers the same problem as Nagios – you need something to configure it comfortably or spend time writing the config yourself. Compatible to Nagios plugins. Pandora‚Ķ Read More »


iStat is an app that shows performance statistics of different machines. I compiled their iStat Server on my x86_64 machine and made a little DEB package. Download: istatd_0.5.4_x86_64.deb I also uploaded it to my PPA at launchpad.net. (If you own a Linksys NSLU2, you might want iStat Server (ARM).)

SyslogD for LAN

To let the syslogd also receive messages from your local network, edit the file /etc/default/syslogd and modify the last line so that it looks like this: Restart the sysklogd and watch your /var/log/messages.